Fuel level sensor, resitance / ohm

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Fuel level sensor, resitance / ohm

Postby Concker » Tue Jun 21, 2022 1:04 pm


So im starting to get everything in order on my Porsche 944 installing the ucomp 3 pro.
However i am having a little issue on how i can use the oem fuel level sensor.
I connected it to ADC2, then enabled this in the software as an fuel level sensor (pb on)

However how can i calibrate this? as its an resistor signal?
I know the following:

Level Resistance (Ohms)
RESERVE 63.2ohm
1/4 42.2ohm
1/2 21.2ohm
3/4 8.6ohm
FULL (1/1) 2.8ohm

from what i can see in the advance tab, its only voltage adjustment for empty and full.
any ideas on solution? :)

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Re: Fuel level sensor, resitance / ohm

Postby ArT » Thu Jun 23, 2022 10:03 am

If fuel level sensor is already connected in vehicle (you left factory gauge) then you should measure voltage for empty tank and for full tank. If sensor will be only connected to UTCOMP, you can measure reasistance for empty tank and for full tank but in such case sensor should be connected to AdcVcc1. I recommend left first option, because you have very low difference between empty tank and full tank - about 60 ohms - but it's recommended to have minimum 200 ohm difference so measurement in this case will be not accurate. Just left sensor connected to stock installaction and measure voltage on sensor for empty tank and for full tank (when ignition switch is on or engine is running)

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