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Update v3.8 for UTCOMP-3 and UTCOMP-PRO

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2020 2:43 pm
by ArT
UTCOMP-3 and UTCOMP-PRO had already many updates which added improvements or new features (e.g. Android app for all modules). New v3.8 update is adding few improvements and bug fixes, please check details below.

Who can update and how to update?

Update is free for all and it will work with all UTCOMP-3 and UTCOMP-PRO modules. You can download latest UTCOMP software from REVELTRONICS UTCOMP product page

Update process is described in update manual (in software: menu help -> manuals). If you have troubles into switching to DFU (update mode) than you should clear device memory by pressing CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + R in software (all settings and statistics will be erased!) and update after that. You should save default settings to UTCOMP after update (CTRL + ALT + R)

Changelog v3.8 for UTCOMP-3 and UTCOMP-PRO

  • added support for UTCOMP Android v0.1.5 please take a look at android features in UTCOMP Android app on forum
  • speed measurement up to 999 km/h or mph (before it was 255 kmh or mph)
  • added settings for analog inputs averaging (it can be customized to make measurements faster or more stable, e.g. different averaging for temperature sensors which should be slow and stable or Boost/AFR/EGT which should be very fast) - you will find these settings in UTCOMP Settings -> Advanced -> ADC
  • added manual data-logger (logging can be enabled or disabled from menu) with current memory state - long press SW1 to activate this menu (manual data-logger should be enabled first in settings -> advanced -> datalogger)
  • increased RPM speed (x5) for high resolution RPM signals (minimum 30 impulses per wheel rotation)
  • added possibility to activate "boat mode" where fuel consumption measurements (and all related measurements) are in l/h or gph which are independent from speed and distance (by default it's l/100km or mpg which are distance related)
  • fixed EGT in Farentheits, Boost pressure refreshing in PSI and other small fixes.

Your feedback

I would like to use this oportunity to encoruage you to write a review about UTCOMP-3 or UTCOMP-PRO on product site, UTCOMP Facebook profile, UTCOMP Android app (Google Play) or in any place on the internet 8-) If you have suggestions for next updates please share it on forum in dedicated topic. Your opinion is important to us! Thank you! :)

Changelog for previous updates:
Update v3.7
Update v3.6
Update v3.5
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Re: Update v3.8 for UTCOMP-3 and UTCOMP-PRO

Posted: Tue May 19, 2020 10:00 am
by FrankKoba
Hi Artur,

I would like to update my UTCOMP-PRO from 3.7 to 3.8. Because it takes over a year for me to find a proper setup of all the parameters, I am looking for a secure way to update without loosing the parameter setup for UTCOMP. I saved parameter config files to my PC, but I noticed that the 3.8 PC software does not accept to read the saved parameter files made by 3.7.

Can you offer a description and/or procedure for taking over the 3.7 setup to 3.8? (I apologize if I am wrong and the update does not affect the current setup in the UTCOMP).

Your feedback is very welcome.

best regards

Re: Update v3.8 for UTCOMP-3 and UTCOMP-PRO

Posted: Tue May 19, 2020 12:55 pm
by ArT
Hi Frank, it shows error but it loads data. Only few things may be imported not properly. Please send me on PM your v3.7 settings file and I'll check it on v3.8

Re: Update v3.8 for UTCOMP-3 and UTCOMP-PRO

Posted: Fri May 22, 2020 11:45 am
by FrankKoba
Hi Arthur,

that was good news - in the meantime I managed to visually compare the same parameter file in both the 3.7 and 3.8 version and my configuration looks the same in both.

So I will do the update now. Thanks a lot for this info and your offer!

Re: Update v3.8 for UTCOMP-3 and UTCOMP-PRO

Posted: Fri May 22, 2020 12:13 pm
by ArT
Just one notice. If "boat mode" will be activated after import (consumption in l/h or mph only) then you can deactivate it by:
a) restoring default settings and set everything from hand, or
b) in hidden boat setting - by activating HARDWARE tab (CTRL + ALT + H in settings) and enter #BOAT in field