Flash Laptop Mointor EDID !!

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Flash Laptop Mointor EDID !!

Postby doko » Tue Jun 19, 2018 12:26 am

I would like to know if REVELPROG can flash any Laptop Monitor EDID even if it's write protected or not , and what connection and accessories do i have to buy along with the RevelProg itself , i have a case where i bought a laptop montior for my ASUS ROG G752Vy laptop , it was not original LG one , it's just Generic monitor, so i have lost an important feature which called G-Sync because the laptop cannot recognize it as an original LG monitor , so now i want to flash the original LG Monitor EDID to the Generic monitor Eeprom , the Generic monitor Eeprom which is 30 Pin socket is write protected for normal flashing ways through Linux , so i want to use your programmer to do that , can you confirm that it will do this job .


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