GigaDevice 25Q127CSIG

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GigaDevice 25Q127CSIG

Postby ismaelvlc » Wed Jul 29, 2020 2:06 pm

Good morning, I work with some 25 GigaDevice series flash memory devices, specifically with the 25Q127CSIG, I bought the programmer because it came as it was capable of programming these chips, but when connecting it with the tweezers, it does not detect it, can someone help me? Would it be a problem with the connection of the clamps or the programmer's database that does not have this chip?
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Re: GigaDevice 25Q127CSIG

Postby ArT » Fri Jul 31, 2020 12:04 pm

Hi Ismael, it should work. Does it READ ID? (Tools -> Read ID -> FLASH 25 series). If not, then issue may be in many places. First of all connections - I see that you are using low quality clip, please check carefuly if every pin is connected. Secondly, it may be issue with bus conflict (when you power the chip, you also power all circuit around and chip may be communicating with other devices via SPI bus). Please check Chapter 5 for more details about possible traps and tricks how to resolve them: ... manual.pdf
You can also desolder the chip and programm it in adapter (it's recommended for young players because you eliminate a lot of possible issues in circuit and it's safer) - it has to work.

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