Updates v1.6.x for REVELPROG-IS

REVELPROG-IS update notes, news and general discussion about REVELPROG-IS and device/memory programming.
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Updates v1.6.x for REVELPROG-IS

Postby ArT » Mon May 15, 2017 3:53 pm

Update v1.6 for REVELPROG-IS is ready to download! We would like to say THANK YOU for all your suggestions. Your satisfaction is our priority, so as usual, update is free for all REVELPROG-IS users :)

I. What's new in v1.6 ?

  • FLASH SPI 512Mbit and other new supported devices

    Added support for latest 512Mbit SERIAL NOR FLASH SPI 1.8V and 3V devices, such as: S25FL512S (3V), S25FS512S (1.8V), GD25Q512 (3V), MT25QU512A (1.8V), MT25QL512A (3V), MX25U51245G (1,8V), MX25L51245G (3V), MX66U51235F (1,8V), MX25L51237G (3V), MX25LM51245G (3V), MX25UM51245G (1,8V) and other. More and more manufacturers are extending current offer with low voltage (1.8V) chips so we have updated current device list with these devices, e.g. from Spansion, Micron, Winbond, Gigadevice, SST, Macronix, Adesto etc.

  • Custom Script Programming tool for I2C and SPI bus

    Custom script programming for I2C & SPI bus is a some kind of "bus pirate" tool for serial communication. We spent a lot of hours on this powerful tool. It is still in developement phase, but it already gives huge possibilities. With REVELPROG-IS Customs Script tool there is possibility to execute any commands in any sequence with precise delays on SPI or I2C bus. You can write script to execute commands for unclocking device, read and write hidden (or not) registers, change sector protection bits, write OTP registers and much more.

    CustomScriptProgrammingI2cSPIrevelprog.jpg (61.35 KiB) Viewed 10058 times

    In practice it is also very useful tool for electronic enginners and embedded programmers, because there is possibility to communicate with any serial (I2C or SPI) device.

    You can read more about this tool in updated manual (Chapter 6) or check tutorial with examples on forum.

  • FLASH SPI identification (Chip ID / Read ID)

    We had concerns to release this tool earlier. REVELPROG-IS supports also low voltage chips so reading chip ID without knowledge about chip power supply level is risky (setting 3,3V for 1,8V chip will damage it even during chip id reading). That's why it is required first to set and accept VPP level. Please use it carefully (you should check absolute maximum rating for chip or power supply level on the chip in external circuit).

    FLASH-SPI_Read-chip-ID.jpg (62.35 KiB) Viewed 10058 times

    In practice it is enough to know only voltage level and capacity of the chip, because in REVELPROG-IS there are universal "intelligent" procedures for FLASH SPI, e.g. if you know that you have 64Mbit FLASH SPI than it is enough to select FLASH -> 25 series -> 25..064 [PP]*, for 128Mbit it 25..128 [PP], for 256Mbit it is 25..256 [PP] etc and next you should set only VPP level (1.6-2.0V for low voltage FLASH SPI and 2.8 - 3.6V for standard FLASH SPI)
    *[PP] means Page-Program - all latest FLASH SPI support this mode (write process is many times faster)

  • FLASH QUAD SPI configuration change

    This tool allow to enable or disable QE (Quad Enable) bit in FLASH register.
    You can read more about QUAD configuration in updated manual (Chapter 4.4.5)
    FLASH-SPI_QUAD-SPI_Enable.jpg (35.12 KiB) Viewed 10058 times

  • I2C addressing in external circuit (A0/A1/A2 pins)

    Now it is possible to set I2C device address in external circuit - it is usefull when you have few devices in external circuit connected to shared bus or if you have single device with not default address. There is possibility to set A0, A1, A2 value (depends on selected chip)
    I2C-set-device-address-in-external-circuit.jpg (76.24 KiB) Viewed 10058 times

  • Other changes and fixes

    There are other changes and improvements that may be not seen at a glance e.g.
    - new libusb library and optimize USB communication,
    - autodetection communication errors for FLASH SPI 25x - also for read operation (e.g. lost conctact pin during in circuit operation with clip),
    - improved alghoritms for SFP modules - now available compatible mode (for most SFP modules) and fast-mode (for modules which require fast operations),
    - added last used device list in device selection.
    And more. Some of them will be noticed by you while working with the programmer.

  • Future changes and updates autodetection

    In new version it is implemented autoupdater - it will check updates on our server - when it detect new version it will ask to download it and install, so now we can release new versions with minor changes more frequently.

II. Update

Update is optional and free. Programmer can be updated via USB from application. Please read update manual carefuly before update process.

Update manual is available in user manual (Chapter 7):
https://www.reveltronics.com/en/product ... sb#manuals

Latest software can be download from REVELPROG-IS product page:
https://www.reveltronics.com/en/product ... b#software

III. Your feedback

I would like to use this oportunity to encoruage you to write a review about REVELPROG-IS on product site or on REVELTRONICS Facebook profile - it drives us and determines product developement. If you have suggestions for next updates please share it on forum in dedicated topic. Your opinion is important to us! Thank you! :)

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Re: Update v1.6 for REVELPROG-IS

Postby ArT » Mon Jul 03, 2017 12:45 pm

Update v1.6.1 changelog:

- customs script programming improvements,
- added devices EEPROM: AT24RF08C, PCA24S08 (P25S08) and FLASH: LE25S20, LE25U20, LE25S40, LE25U40, LE25S81, LE25S161,
- added device notes for some devices in memory database,
- added in options: autoselect last selected device (and VPP) at startup,
- added in options: auto SwapByte for 93xx 16-bit (automatic byte order changing in word: 0xABCD -> 0xCDAB)

Update v1.6.1 is available in application (via autoupdater). Firmware update to v1.6.1 is required.

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Re: Update v1.6 for REVELPROG-IS

Postby ArT » Sun Nov 19, 2017 7:39 pm

Update v1.6.2 changelog:

  • Auto backup feature for read opeations

    Since v1.6.2 there is backup file (.bin) generated every read operation (by default it is user documents folder in system). You can configure it in Settings -> Option -> File -> Autobackup:
    autobackup.jpg (33.57 KiB) Viewed 8688 times

  • File compare tool (DiffChecker)

    Added file compare tool for .bin and .hex files. All differences will be selected and grouped. Press F3/F2 to find next/previous difference region. You can save all differences to external file as a pattern (feature described in Chapter 4.3.4 in manual). If files are totally different then first 1000 different regions are marked.

    REVELPROG-IS_soft9_DiffChecker-file-compare-tool-for-bin-hex.png (20.18 KiB) Viewed 8688 times

    REVELPROG-IS_DiffChecker_File-compare-tool2.jpg (321.93 KiB) Viewed 8688 times

  • New supported devices

    Updated device supported list. Added latest FLASH SPI 25 series 1.8V devices. Please check updated product description page.

Update will be uploaded to server in few days. Your application will detect it automatically when it will be available (internet connection is required). Firmware update is not required. Of course it is free for all REVELPROG-IS users. Hope you will like it :-)

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Re: Update v1.6 for REVELPROG-IS

Postby ArT » Fri Mar 23, 2018 9:56 am

v1.6.3 update details:

- added support for 90.. series EEPROM devices (ROHM: BR9010, BR9020, BR9040),
- added support for M45.. series FLASH devices (e.g. M45PE20VP, M45PE16 etc.),
- few minor changes.

PLEASE NOTE: firmware update to v1.6.3 is required!
Skip this update if you do not want update device firmware.

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