Updates v1.7.x for REVELPROG-IS

REVELPROG-IS update notes, news and general discussion about REVELPROG-IS and device/memory programming.
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Updates v1.7.x for REVELPROG-IS

Postby ArT » Fri Jul 06, 2018 1:14 pm

Update v1.7 for REVELPROG-IS is ready to download! And guess what... it is free for all :mrgreen:

I. What's new in v1.7 ?

  • Added support for 1-Wire devices

    We added support for 1-Wire Maxim DS series devices, e.g. DS2430A, DS2431, DS2433, DS24B33+. You can read/write EEPROM area and also read 64-bit unique ID. Now REVELPROG-IS supports I2C, SPI, Microwire and 1-Wire protocols.

    Movie (youtube): 1-Wire read 64-bit ID and write DS2433 EEPROM

  • Improvements for Custom Script Programming

    Few changes for Custom Script Programming tool for I2C and SPI bus. Added LOG window so you can see script execution in real-time and each operation status. Added colors for script commands so now it is more user friendly. Added also support for FLASH 45xx series devices.

  • Read ID tool - new features
    Added support for FLASH 45xx series (Data Flash devices) and 1-Wire Maxim devices (read 64-bit unique ID)

  • Memory database update
    As usual updated supported device list with latest devices: Winbond W25Q32JW (1.8V) W25Q64JW (1.8V), GigaDevice GD25Q257D (3V), Adesto AT25PE20 AT25PE40 AT25PE80 AT25PE16 and much more.

  • Other changes and fixes

    - asking for confirmation before erase/wite operation (can be disabled)
    - recovering user settings from previous version during update
    - few minor changes

We are also working on adding Serial NAND FLASH 1Gb 2Gb and 4Gb devices (e.g. IS37SMLxxG). There are already implemented some crucial procedures and it should be available in v1.8 update (hope so), so if someone is interesting in these devices earlier and is interested in beta tests please contact us, thanks!

II. Update

Update is optional and free. Programmer can be updated via USB from application. Please read update manual carefuly before update process.

At the moment you can download v1.7 installer from direct link:
In few days it should be also available on our site and via autoupdater in application.

Update manual is available in user manual (Chapter 7):
https://www.reveltronics.com/en/product ... sb#manuals

III. Your feedback

I would like to use this oportunity to encoruage you to write a review about REVELPROG-IS on product site or on REVELTRONICS Facebook profile - it drives us and determines product developement. If you have suggestions for next updates please share it on forum in dedicated topic. Your opinion is important to us! Thank you! :)

IV. Previous updates

Please check also v1.6.x udpates change log if you missed it!

Posts: 1482
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Re: Update v1.7 for REVELPROG-IS

Postby ArT » Thu Aug 02, 2018 1:14 pm

Next update v1.7.1 is available. Software should detect new version when internet connection is available.

v1.7.1 udapte changelog:
- optimization for large files in buffer and in diffchecker (faster operations, less ram consumption),
- faster operations for file comparing in DiffChecker, checksum16 and crc32 calculations, swapbyte, write and verify operations - specially for large files (1Gb+)
- added beta support for 1Gb and 2Gb FLASH SPI (Micron MT25QU01G and MT25QU02G),
- improved "verification with buffer" feature (possible to compare smaller size than memory size, display address of first wrong byte),
- improved "go to" feature (hex address),
- added "select range" feature,
- highlight buffer size if buffer size is different than memory size,
- fixed blank memory process during read/write operation in certain circumstances - it was short circuit protection (disconnecting outputs) but user was not informed about this error (v1.7.0 bug),
- fixed displaying DiffChecker tool and CustomScript tool when there was limited space on display (v1.7.0 bug),
- fixed 93c06 reading (blank read every second operation)

Do you like REVELPROG-IS? Could you share your review, please? :-) Thanks!

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