FRAM I2C and F-RAM SPI support in REVELPROG-IS programmer

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FRAM I2C and F-RAM SPI support in REVELPROG-IS programmer

Postby ArT » Thu Oct 11, 2018 2:13 pm

In incomming update (v1.8) we will add more FRAM devices to supported list.

If someone is not familiar with fram devices I'd like to mention that:
  • F-RAM is nonvolatile and performs reads and writes similar to a RAM (fast as hell)
  • it provides reliable data retention for 150 years (long as hell)
  • performs write operations at bus speed (no write delays are incurred)
  • it is capable of supporting 100 million times more write cycles than EEPROM
It's better than EEPROM, and it is better than FLASH. But.. maximum available capacity is only 1Mbit for I2C and 4Mbit for SPI at the moment.. and it is expensive. Anyway, it is great solution for many projects, specially for automotive safety systems.

Below is supported device list for FRAM which will be available since v1.8. These chips are all known to us F-RAM devices at the moment. This list will be extended if new devices occur. If you read this post long later, please check current device list on REVELPROG-IS product page.

Manufacturers: Cypress, Fujitsu, Lapis, Ramtrom, ROHM
Voltage range: typical 2.0-3.6V, 3.3V and 5V
Bus: I2C & SPI

F-RAM serial I2C
(4kb) FM24C04 | FM24C04B | FM24CL04 | FM24CL04B | MB85RC04V
(16kb) FM24C16 | FM24C16B | FM24CL16 | FM24CL16B | FM25C160B | MB85RC16 | MB85RC16V
(64kb) FM24C64 | FM24C64B | FM24CL64 | FM24CL64B | MB85RC64 | MB85RC64A | MR44V064B
(128kb) FM24V01 | MB85RC128 | MB85RC128A
(256kb) FM24V02 | FM24V02A | FM24W256 | MB85RC256V
(512kb) FM24V05
(1Mb) FM24V10 | FM24VN10 | MR44V100A

F-RAM serial SPI
(4kb) FM25040 | FM25040B | FM2504B | FM25CL04B | FM25L04 | FM25L04B
(16kb) FM25C160 | FM25C160B | FM25L16 | FM25L16B
(32kb) MR45V032A
(64kb) FM25640 | FM25640B | FM25CL64 | FM25CL64B | MB85RS64 | MB85RS64A | MR45V064B
(128kb) FM25V01 | FM25V01A | MB85RS128A | MB85RS128B
(256kb) FM25V02 | FM25V02A | FM25W256 | MB85RS256A | MB85RS256B | MR45V256A
(512kb) FM25V05
(1Mb) FM25V10 | FM25VN10 | MR45V100
(2Mb) CY15B102Q | CY15V102Q | FM25H20 | FM25V20 | FM25V20A | MR45V200
(4Mb) CY15B104Q | CY15V104Q
(8Mb) CY15B108Q | CY15V108Q

If you do not find your device on the above list please let us know!
We are currently working on update and we can add it 8-)

edit 2018-10-24: v1.8.0 update is already released. Please check it here: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=398
edit 2020-01-27: v1.8.2 update extend supported F-RAM device list with new devices
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