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Updates v1.8.x for REVELPROG-IS

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 12:44 pm
by ArT
Update v1.8 for REVELPROG-IS is ready to download! We would like to say THANK YOU for all your suggestions. Your satisfaction is our priority, so as usual, update is free for all REVELPROG-IS users :)

I. What's new in v1.8.0 ?

    This is huge change. Now REVELPROG-IS supports Serial NAND Flash devices. It supports 1Gb and 2Gb devices at the moment:
    • read/erase/write operations for standard area and spare bytes
    • ECC checking enable/disable feature
    • Blocks Checker tool (finding faulty blocks)
    • Read Device ID
    Please take a look here for more information and Serial NAND FLASH device list.

  • 1Gb and 2Gb FLASH SPI NOR support
    Added support for 1Gb and 2Gb FLASH SPI 25xx devices. A lot of optimization in code. Less RAM consumption, faster buffer operations, faster checksum calculations, faster diff checker tool. Some of these changes were already implemented in v1.7.1 as a beta feature.

  • Updated memory database
    We are observing that nowadays more and more manufacturers are extending offer with low voltage chips (e.g. 1.8V). The memory database has been updated with latest FLASH and F-RAM devices. Please check current device support list.

  • Other changes and fixes
    - improved self diagnostic test,
    - fixed write without erase for some devices,
    - added 2% SCK mode for FLASH SPI,
    - and more not relevant changes..
II. Update

Update is optional and free. Programmer can be updated via USB from application. Please read update manual carefuly (Chapter 7) before update process.

At the moment you can download v1.8 installer from direct link:
h ... _Setup.exe
In few days it should be also available on our site and via autoupdater in application.

III. Your feedback

I would like to use this oportunity to encoruage you to write a review about REVELPROG-IS on product site, REVELTRONICS Facebook profile or in any place on the internet 8-) If you have suggestions for next updates please share it on forum in dedicated topic. Your opinion is important to us! Thank you! :)

IV. Previous updates

Missed previous update? Please check 1.7.1 changelog (Aug 2018) version here (2nd post)

Re: Update v1.8 for REVELPROG-IS

Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:13 pm
by ArT
Update v1.8.1 is released.

- added 1-wire protocol to custom script programming
- added DS2436 battery chip
- added XMC FLASH NOR SPI 1.8V devices (e.g. XM25QU64A. XM25QU128C, XM25QU256C etc.)
- added MX25U12890F, AT25DN512C, AT25DN011
- added 24U17
- added LE25FS406
- added M24M01-DR and M24M02-DR
- fixed 5p08c3 in search engine
- added GD25WD 1.8V/3.3V series (e.g. GD25WD80C, GD25WD40C, …)
- added GD25LB 1.8V series (e.g. GD25LB64C, GD25LB128D, GD25LB256D, …)
- added GD25B 3.3V series (e.g. GD25B64C, GD25B127D, GD25B256D, …)
- added GD25D 3.3V series (e.g. GD25D40D)

Re: Updates v1.8.x for REVELPROG-IS

Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2020 2:13 pm
by ArT
Update v1.8.2 is released.


- added QSFP/QSFP+ and XFP transceivers support with hardware adapter (new QSFP SFP XFP Adapter will be available in offer soon),
- added password tool for SFP/QSFP/XFP transceivers (and search password tool with brute force method) - please check new Chapter 7 in updated manual and forum posts/tutorials: viewforum.php?f=31,
- added FLASH SPI: ATXPxx series (EcoXiP) 1.8V devices (ATXP32, ATXP64, ATXP128),
- added FLASH SPI: AT25FF321A (1.8/3.3V), AT25FF161A (1.8/3.3V, AT25FF081A (1.8/3.3V), AT25FF041A (1.8/3.3V), IS25LE512M (3V), MT25QL01G (3.3V), MT25QL02G (3.3V), W25Q512JV (3V), W25Q01JV (3V),
- added FRAM SPI: 2Mb CY15V102Q (1.8V), 4Mb CY15V104Q (1.8V), 8Mb CY15B108Q (3.3V), 8Mb CY15V108Q (1.8V), 2Mb MR45V200A (3.3V)
- added FLASH NAND SPI (up to 4Gb): 1Gb TC58CYG0S3HRAIG (1.8V), 1Gb TC58CVG0S3HRAIG (3.3V), 2Gb TC58CYG1S3HRAIG (1.8V), 2Gb TC58CVG1S3HRAIG (3.3V), 4Gb MT29F4G01ADAGD (3.3V), 4Gb MT29F4G01ABAFD (3.3V), 4Gb MT29F4G01ABBFD (1.8V), 4Gb TC58CYG2S0HRAIG (1.8V), 4Gb TC58CVG2S0HRAIG (3.3V), 1Gb W25N01GV (3.3V), 1Gb W25N01GW (3.3V), 1Gb W25N01JW (1.8V), 1Gb W25N02JW (1.8V), 1Gb W25N02KV (1.8V)
- increased F-RAM >1Mbit SPI devices read/write speed,
- fixed bug with Read ID when first bytes are dummy

FIRMWARE UPDATE is required! You can skip this update if you do not need these improvements.

Hope you will like it! :)

Re: Updates v1.8.x for REVELPROG-IS

Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2020 6:11 pm
by ArT
v1.8.3 minor update is already available:
- updated supported device list
- small improvements for SFP/QSFP/XFP password tool, e.g.
  • improved brute force password for some transceivers (now setting write delay <1ms is possible)
  • added possibility to change password address location:
Please note that v1.8.3 requires programmer firmware v1.8.3 so if you have older firmware in REVLEPROG-IS you will need also update firmware to v1.8.3 (from application). If you do not need above improvements you can stay with v1.8.2 software.

sfp-password-address-tool.jpg (260.68 KiB) Viewed 11896 times

Re: Updates v1.8.x for REVELPROG-IS

Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2021 3:53 pm
by ArT
v1.8.4 changelog:
  • updated supported device list with latest devices,
  • improved READ ID tool for FLASH devices (now it can autodetect chip in many cases), example of use:
  • a lot of improvements for SFP/QSFP/XFP Password Tool, e.g. dictionary list (possibility to load external text file with passwords - 1 password per line), improved write delay auto-adjust mode (in more cases it's able to detect lowest possible delay at which it will detect password), added possibility to enable/disable saving detected password in manufacturer name (enabled - if found password, it will be stored in manufacturer name / disabled - it will restore original manufacturer name) - please check this forum post for more details:
  • added shortcuts for memory operation (F5 - read / F6 - write / F7 - erase / F8 - blank check / F9 - verify with buffer / F10 - read ID)
  • added "accept button" in memory database search list,
  • added option "use checksum16 instead of crc32"
  • added option "auto-calculate checksum for large buffers" and modified checksum status colors (black = recalculated, gray = not updated)
  • detection alert of external changes in opened file
  • bugfixes, e.g. remember write sequence after application restart, remember buffer size after application restart (when option remember last selected device is checked), SFP/QSFP/XFP when auto-delay function adjusted delay to <0.7ms then sometimes it skipped valid password during search

Please note that v1.8.4 requires programmer firmware v1.8.4 so if you have older firmware in REVLEPROG-IS you will need also update firmware to v1.8.4 (from application). If you do not need above improvements you can stay with v1.8.3 software.

Re: Updates v1.8.x for REVELPROG-IS (last update 2021-06-15)

Posted: Tue Jun 15, 2021 12:30 pm
by ArT
Dear Users,

I'm glad to inform you that v1.8.5 update is already available! It cost us a lot of work, hope you will like it :mrgreen: Changelog is below. You can download latest software from: ... b#software

Thank you for using REVELPROG-IS. I hope that you will like these changes & improvements. I'll be grateful if you write short review on REVELPROG-IS product site :)

v1.8.5 changelog:
  • updated supported device list with latest devices (e.g. FLASH W25R.. series, F-RAM MB85.. series),
  • DS28EC20 support with tutorial viewtopic.php?f=32&t=879
  • MAX31826 support with tutorial viewtopic.php?f=32&t=883
  • Custom Script maker improvements: added loops and write bytes from buffer viewtopic.php?f=32&t=280&p=3657#p3657
  • SFP/XFP/QSFP [USER] read/write byte by byte support (added Byte Program "BP" flag) - we observed that some transceivers requires byte by byte program or only page/table program, otherwise changes are volatile (restored after reset), please check this topic viewtopic.php?f=22&t=885
  • SFP/XFP/QSFP added logging to external text file (beta) for BruteForce Password Tool - sometimes you left brute forcing for many days so it's good to have possibility to check brute force history if something went wrong (e.g. power issue)
  • minor bug fixes, e.g. read ID for 1-wire devices (ID sometimes was not displayed), file open hex after bin (previously opened file could be changed)

Please note that v1.8.5 requires programmer firmware v1.8.5 so if you have older firmware in REVLEPROG-IS you will need also update firmware to v1.8.5 (from application). If you do not need above improvements you can stay with v1.8.4 software.

Firmware update - how it looks like video:

Re: Updates v1.8.x for REVELPROG-IS (last update 2021-06-15)

Posted: Mon Sep 27, 2021 1:12 pm
by ArT
We are working on v1.8.6 update, but in my opinion there are still to few changes to release it as a main update and force users to update REVELPROGs. Anyway, I list some changes which may be crucial for some users - if you need these changes or would like to test new features please contact me I'll share you unofficial update.

v1.8.6 some of incomming changes:
  • Production file support with Automatic Mode [BETA] - please check more details here: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=913
  • SFP/XFP/QSFP bug fix related with SFP [USER] or XFP [USER] or QSFP [USER] selection or using custom script tool - for some transceivers on some computers it were timeouts between executed operations - if you have this issue this update may fix it
  • Extended possible maximum write delay to 250ms for brute force tool (100ms before)
  • XFP User Password brute force bug fix (it writes 0x02 page before any write password operation - its necessary for some XFP because they are restoring default page in case of wrong password) - if you can't find user password for XFP (not manufacturer password) it may be the case