Suggestions for next updates for REVELPROG-IS

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Re: Suggestions for next updates for REVELPROG-IS

Postby neogator » Mon Jan 10, 2022 12:52 am

Good day to all.
I bought your programmer to work with SFP.
Delivery is very fast, the price is affordable)
The task was to make modules compatible with my ibm switch
I will share my impressions.
In general, the product is made with high quality, and the work seems to be stable. BUT.
It is felt that working with SFP XFP QSFP is still a by-product since there is not enough tools and documentation.
So far, this is only a password. Long hacking, and often ineffectual, since the user who bought the product usually does not have a typed base (dictionary) available on other EXPENSIVE programmers. Well, he is also a copier of existing firmware, since there is no built-in full-fledged firmware editor.

What the device really lacks.
Sound message of the end of the password search.
Visual highlighting of blocks of a binary file.
Hints with decoding and selection of values ​​and their descriptions.

Manual editing of the firmware of each module for the required vendor and the required type of module without this toolkit will turn into a rather laborious process))
No offense, but look at how the shell is made from SFPtotl. Also not ideal and in my case it is unjustifiably expensive

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Re: Suggestions for next updates for REVELPROG-IS

Postby ArT » Tue Jan 11, 2022 7:41 am

Thank you very much for your feedback, I appreciate. New features are added in updates, user friendly editing firmware are in plans, so it should be available in one of future updates. Other features you are requesting are already on todo list too. Unfortunately I can not promise any specific date, we are small company and every such task takes time. In last updates we were focused on brute force tool - it's working much better and few times faster than in more expensive competition. Unfortunately we can not share database with firmwares or passwords because it's illegal (it's intellectual propety of manufacturers) - maybe competition has agreement with producers, but honestly - I doubt about it. In EU where we are registered the intellectual property law is very restrict.

Have a great 2022 and thanks for your opinion!

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