Update v1.4 for REVELPROG-IS

REVELPROG-IS update notes, news and general discussion about REVELPROG-IS and device/memory programming.
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Update v1.4 for REVELPROG-IS

Postby ArT » Wed Oct 21, 2015 11:14 am

It give us great pleasure to announce about new REVELPROG-IS v1.4. The good news is update is free for all REVELPROG-IS users.
Thank you for all your suggestions.

I. What's new in v1.4 ?

  • FLASH SPI 256 Mbit

    We added support for latest 256MBit FLASH SPI devices (1.8V and 3.3V) from multiple vendors, example list:
    • cFeon/EON: EN25S256 (1,8V), EN25QA256 (3V), EN25QH256 (3V), EN25QH256A (3V)
    • MACRONIX: MX25U25635F (1,8V), MX25L25645G (3V), MX25L25635F (3V), MX25L25639F (3V), MX25L25655F (3V), MX25L25735F (3V), MX25L25635E (3V), MX25L25655E (3V), MX25L25735E(3V), MX25L25835E (3V), MX25L25855E (3V)
    • MICRON: N25Q256A11 (1,8V), N25Q256A81 (1,8V), N25Q256A13 (3V), N25Q256A33 (3V), N25Q256A73 (3V), N25Q256A83 (3V)
    • SPANSION: S25FS256S (1,8V), S25FL256P (3V), S25FL256S (3V),S25FL256L (3V)
    • WINBOND: W25Q256FV (3V), W25Q256JV (3V), W25Q257FV (3V)
  • Stability fixes in case of communication error

    In some cases (e.g. after operation with corrupted memory or communication while pins were not contacting) there would be problems with application stability and USB operations. This is fixed in current version.

  • Displaying the name of opened file

    The name of loaded file to buffer will be displayed in buffer info window. When you edit file in buffer than additional * mark will be displayed in file name indicating that changes were not saved.

  • Erase buffer or generate random buffer functions

    Added two buffer functions: erase/generate new buffer with 0xFF (CTRL+N) or generate random buffer (CTRL+R). These operations maybe useful e.g. in case of creating buffer from scratch or for diagnose purposes.

  • Device selection from search results

    Now you can select device directly from search results in memory database (double-click on device name in search list results)

  • Possibility to decrease SPI clock

    This function maybe useful during in-circuit programming of FLASH SPI devices. Option is available in menu Settings -> Options -> FLASH SPI. More information about ICSP programming you will find in Chapter 5 in updated user manual.

II. Update

Update is optional and free. Programmer can be updated via USB from application. Please read update manual carefuly before update process.

Update manual is available in user manual:
http://www.reveltronics.com/downloads/u ... manual.pdf

Software REVELPROG-IS v1.4:
http://www.reveltronics.com/downloads/s ... tup-EN.exe

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