DigOutUser - relay control switch based on temperature or vehicle speed

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DigOutUser - relay control switch based on temperature or vehicle speed

Postby ArT » Wed Sep 21, 2016 1:45 pm

I would like to show you new feature in UTCOMP-PRO v3.4 (update coming soon)

As you can see, in UTCOMP-PRO currently digital output on pin B7 (DigOutUser) is not used- it will change soon :D Since v.3.4 there is possibility to control digital output switch based on selected signal source. As signal source you can choose any temperature or vehicle speed. Digital output state may be switched between two states: +5V and Hi-Z (disconnected). Recommended load is <50mA (maximum 100mA), so in most cases it will be used to control monostable relay switch with 5V coil.

UTCOMP-PRO_Controller.jpg (46.08 KiB) Viewed 7317 times

"UTCOMP-PRO CONTROLLER" title icon may be changed by user - please take a look custom icons and graphics tutorial

DigOutUser specification (pin B7 in UTCOMP-PRO):
  • +5V in ON mode
  • HiZ (disconnected) in OFF mode
  • current load <50mA (max 100mA*)
*PLEASE NOTE! exceed >100mA on output load can make UTCOMP unstable (e.g. switching off when to much load is connected, wrong voltage readings on analog inputs etc.) or even make it failure to work (e.g. burning internal fuse for power supply)

UTCOMP-PRO_DigOutUser_Relay-Switch_Control_1.jpg (68.69 KiB) Viewed 7317 times

Input signal source:
  • temperature inside the vehicle
  • outside temperature
  • engine or cooling temperature
  • oil temperature (e.g. for engine or gearbox)
  • user temperature
  • vehicle speed
UTCOMP-PRO_DigOutUser_Relay-Switch_Control_3.jpg (43.19 KiB) Viewed 7317 times

Regulation modes:
  • above upper (HI) threshold
  • below lower (LO) threshold
  • above LO and below HI thresholds
  • below LO and above HI thresholds
  • manual mode
UTCOMP-PRO_DigOutUser_Relay-Switch_Control_2.jpg (40 KiB) Viewed 7317 times

Additional regulation conditions:
  • possibility to set hysteresis
  • possibility to set minimum battery voltage for regulation (ability to disable regulation when battery voltage drops below selected value, e.g. regulation is enabled only when engine is running)

  • relay control switch based on internal temperature (e.g. for air condition control - climatronic)
  • relay control switch based on engine/cooling temperature (e.g. for cooler control, glow plugs control etc.)
  • enabling buzzer or LED for selected vehicle speed (e.g. speed limit warning)
  • relay control switch based on vehicle speed (e.g. door auto-lock mechanism)

Is relay always required?
If current load on output is above 100mA (0,1A) or there is need to control external device with different voltage levels (e.g. 12V) than monostable relay is required. You will not need relay if you want to control low power devices, e.g. buzzer or small LED.

Relay selection guide:
  • monostable relay with 5V coil
  • recommended coil resistance above 100 ohms
  • relay switching power below 250mW (<0,25W)
  • example relays: AZ850-5

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