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Posted: Fri Sep 30, 2016 3:25 pm
by ArT
General information:

  • UTCOMP-PRO is more advanced version of UTCOMP,
  • UTCOMP-3 is compatible with LCD 2,5" and OLED 2,3" displays - both 122x32 pix,
  • UTCOMP-PRO is compatible with OLED 3,2" 256x64pix display,
  • UTCOMP-PRO has more inputs and supports more sensors,
  • UTCOMP-PRO has digital output e.g. for relay switch
  • UTCOMP-PRO has additional flash memory, e.g. for data-logger

utcomp3_utcomp-pro.jpg (64.09 KiB) Viewed 15077 times

Hardware differences between UTCOMP-3 and UTCOMP-PRO:

  • UTCOMP-3: 40-pin display connector, 0.6m ribbon cable, monochrome LCD 2,5" 122x32pix or OLED 2,3" 122x32pix,
  • UTCOMP-PRO: 16-pin display connector, 1m (or longer) ribbon cable, OLED 3,2" 256x64pix

Digital inputs:
(e.g. for speed signal, fuel consumption, rpm, lpg etc.)
  • UTCOMP-3: 4x
  • UTCOMP-PRO: 5x

Digital outputs:
(e.g. output control relay switch depends on temperature/speed)

Analog inputs:
(e.g. for analog pressure sensors, temperature sensors, AFR, EGT etc.)
  • UTCOMP-3: 3x = 2xAdcX (0-5V) + 1xAdcVccX (5V)
  • UTCOMP-PRO: 7x = 4xAdcX (0-5V) + 1x AdcX (0-30V) + 2xAdcVccX (5V)
Tutorial for additional sensors.

Analog measurements accuracy:
(each PRO version has internal calibrated voltage reference for ADC converter and it has better accuracy for analog measurements, e.g. signal measurement from pressure sensors, temperature sensors, AFR, EGT etc.)
  • UTCOMP-3: +/- 0,05V
  • UTCOMP-PRO: +/- 0,02V

Digital temperature inputs (DS18B20):
  • UTCOMP-3: 2x
  • UTCOMP-PRO: 4x

Total no of temperatures:
(analog + digital)
  • UTCOMP-3: 3x
  • UTCOMP-PRO: 6x

Additional features in UTCOMP-PRO