Trip computer for motor boat

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Trip computer for motor boat

Postby ArT » Tue Jul 02, 2019 7:54 pm

We have prepared boat-mode for UTCOMP-PRO so it will be more useful for motorboats. It is optional firmware modification which is changing consumption measurements from l/100km (or mpg) to liters per hour (or gallons per hour).

Boat mode changes:
  • instant consumption displayed always in l/h or gph
  • average consumption displayed in main screen in l/h or gph (instead of l/100km or mpg)
  • average consumption displayed in trip screen and trip summary also in l/h or gph
  • estimated time to refulel (in hours) instead of estimated distance to refuel

These changes are optional and are not included in standard firmware, but if you are interested with boat-mode we will prepare you modified UTCOMP-PRO module or share you update with modification. Please feel free to contact me via PM or with REVELTRONICS.

Of course you can still use all other UTCOMP-PRO features, e.g. oil pressure, oil temperature, EGT etc.

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