Automatic Mode with production file and command line [Beta]

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Automatic Mode with production file and command line [Beta]

Postby ArT » Tue Aug 24, 2021 12:54 pm

Some of you asked us about command line interface for REVELPROG-IS. Unfortunately we can not add typical command line interface for read/write/erase operations at the moment. REVELPROG-IS is GUI based application and some functions requires windows forms to operate, so it will needs rewrite most of the code from scratch. REVELPROG-IS is developed since 2013, it had a lot of updates with supported new chips and new features. I hope that you will understand that rewriting whole code from scratch is not the solution - not at the moment. Maybe in future, step by step. REVELPROG-IS will be still improved and there will be still new updates in future. One of the improvement we are thinking is Automatic Mode Tool.

We have prepared beta version of automatic mode tool which supports production files.

Here is example movie how it works:

In production file you can currently provide:
  • device name
  • voltage
  • operation type (READ or WRITE or ERASE)
  • file path (for write operation or for read operation)
  • pre-script and post-script paths (for custom script tool)
It's still GUI based, but we hope that it can save your time and improve your production routine. You can also start REVELPROG-IS application from command line with -productionFile "path.txt" parameter, so it will run and load production file on start-up.
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It's still not official version. If you would like to test automatic mode please contact me via PM or via REVELTRONICS contact page, I'll share you beta version for test. At the moment it supports only write operation with pre-script and post-script execution. We will be making next improvements and adding new features if it will be demand on such tool. Beta version of this tool will be shared in v1.9.0 update. Hope you will like it. Please tell me what you think and share your requests here.

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