W74M Authentication Flash (W74M12JV, W74M12JW)

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W74M Authentication Flash (W74M12JV, W74M12JW)

Postby ArT » Wed May 25, 2022 10:10 am

Authentication Flash W74M12JV is standard W25Q12JV Flash with additional layer for authentication. In this tutorial I'll show how to program W74M series devices and how to check/write root keys for these devices using new feature for REVELPROG-IS.

Example of programming W74M12JW (video on youtube)

All W74xx can be programmed as standard 25 series SPI FLASH devices. It has even the same chip IDs as W25xx. The difference is in authentication layer. W74M stores up to 4x SHA-256 keys for authentication procedure. What's important - keys are not used for encryption. Keys are one-time programmable - once programmed, it can not be changed. It's usually used for anti-clonning protection.

W74M_keys.png (422.71 KiB) Viewed 3822 times

With new W74xx Authentication Flash Keys Tool for REVELPROG-IS you can programm new keys, verify if your key is correct (authentication pass) or increment monolitic counter. You can not read stored keys - they are secured. Please check above video tutorial where I described step by step procedure on W74M128JW, but the same will be for other W74M devices, such as W74M25JV, W74M25JW, W74M51JV, W74M51NW, W74M01GV, W74M02KV, W74M02GV etc. Please check Winbond website for more details: https://www.winbond.com/hq/product/code ... Gb#Density

This tool will be officialy available in next update (since v1.8.6) - if you need it earlier, please contact with me I'll share you beta version.

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