Update v3.2 for UTCOMP-3 and UTCOMP-PRO

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Update v3.2 for UTCOMP-3 and UTCOMP-PRO

Postby ArT » Thu Sep 17, 2015 6:42 pm

please note: there is alrady more recent version!

Dear UTCOMP-3 and UTCOMP-PRO users - update v3.2 is available! :mrgreen:

I'd like to present few new features:


Definitely, this is the most advanced function we shared in UTCOMP's update history. It allows you to record up to 10 vehicle parameters, store it in internal memory and export it later to .csv file. More info about data-logger you can find on tutorial's forum: data Logger - recording vehicle parameters (data logging). This function is available in UTCOMP-PRO (only PRO version has built-in additional memory for data logging).

Up to 4 channels for EGT (exhaust gas temperature) measurements

New version extends EGT measurements from 1 channel to up to 4 channels. More info about EGT readings you will find on tutorial's forum: Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) readings using thermocouple sensor type k.
Please note! UTCOMP-PRO users need to update also graphics file (it contains new icons for EGT1-EGT4).

Travel cost for PB and LPG

In new version TRIP screen and trip SUMMARY screen have been improved. Now it is possible to enter alternative fuel cost (e.g. LPG). Average fuel consumption displayed in TRIP and SUMMARY screens is now equal to weighted average of fuel consumption on PB and LPG (weighted average is based on distance traveled on PB and LPG). Travel cost is summed - it's equal to travel cost on PB + travel cost on LPG.

Please NOTE: Updates are possible via USB and are free. Updates are optional. Please read update manual before update process (you can find it in application menu: help -> manuals). Please make settings back up before update. Unfortunately settings file from v3.1 version is not compatible - you will need to reset settings to factory default and enter new settings manualy. You will also need reset tacho measurements (distance, fuel consumption etc.) because it may display not correctly after update.

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